Ashley McRoberts - Artist Bio

I have always appreciated a beautiful scene, and when I was 16 I found a way to show other people that beauty.  I found art. I started with a beautiful sea scape, and fell in love with painting and the ability to express myself with color and canvas. 

I've been painting now for 9 years, have done dozens of paintings in many sizes and styles, and have absolutely loved every brush stroke! I find inspiration wherever I go, driving down the highway, camping in the mountains, and from my wonderful husband.

Though I love many colors, my favorite color to use is alizerin crimson, which I feel expresses everything beautiful about nature.  People ask what is my specialty is, and I would say landscapes, especially trees...I'm a big tree girl ;)

Please explore my Seattle Art Gallery to see a few of my favorite paintings that I've painted. If you are looking to buy a painting for your home or business, check out my Seattle Art for Sale page, or Commission a Painting of your very own. If you happen to be an aspiring artist, I offer Seattle Art Lessons, as well as tips and tricks in my Seattle Art Blog.

I hope you love my art, and feel free to Contact Me with any questions!


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