We have all spent time driving, either in busses or cars or even riding a bike.  We drive to work in the morning in the beautiful dawn light, we take a walk to lunch in the bright noon sun, and drive home in the enchanting evening glow.  These situations all present a great example of color.  This is important because everything, especially color, changes with the change in the light.
In the morning everything is soft and muted with only subtle variations in light, medium and dark.  In the afternoon everything is very pronounced with a lot of differences in the light and dark areas.  The evening light is cool, and almost calm with subdued lights and darks.  Observing a tree for example in these three lights you can see the differences.

Color is affected by everything. Light for example can change a color dramatically.  A green in morning light verses bright afternoon versus soft evening light all look like a different color green!  Now color is always combined with hues, pigments, shade, tint and value.  These always affect the colors and how they interact with each other on a canvas.  But that is for another post.  This is about just enjoying colors and how they change and alter.

Color is affected by the canvas color, painting on a while canvas verses an off white or beige canvas.  Mixing and over mixing the color, can affect it.  A painting can be made or destroyed with color!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and color combinations on canvases.  Set aside an afternoon and a dozen canvases to play with color and color blending.  It is so much fun and it’s so entertaining to just play with some color! Your assignment is to take a drive and stop to appreciate the colors that you see :)

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